Wednesday, October 4, 2017

this planet belongs to god - not to humans.

the humans who rebel against this truth are the ones who are destroying the planet.

because we are an inter-dimensional planet , when the noosphere actually bursts into manifestation, then with it will return the fairy kingdom. 

this is the long foretold re-enchantment of the world. 

this is the coming of the noosphere.

when this comes, our whole mind is opened, and folded out. our whole mind is waiting to be unwrapped. we are operating with only a quarter of mind, or 10% of brain capacity.

when the whole mind is opened, then we will see a new reality, a new universe, a new heaven and a new earth. this is the reanimation, or respiritualisation of the world.

this is why the next stage of evolution, the noosphere, is also known as the psychozoic era, or the era of the soul's evolution with nature. the human spirit cannot evolve unless the spirit of physical nature is also evolving.

the transformation of the physical world will come when our mind is finally reinvested with all of its capacities.

we will see, this is not a dead world, but a living world, and it is we ourselves who endow this world with life, just as this world endows us with spirit.

then, all of the world will become spiritualized with the conscious manifestation of divine intelligence.

- jose arguelles, the book of time and space

Friday, September 22, 2017


I see the restituted physical state. From the degree of mentality to the degree of the physical or glorious body is it restituted. The time of disequilibrium has passed and formations no longer rise and fall fluctuating as the waves of the sea. Each sphere of the Spheric Dominion is as a city of peace, for in all is BRAH manifested. They are decked with loveliness as a bride adorned for the reception of the bridegroom.

I hear a sweet voice which comes from the centre and throne of the pathotic force of each sphere saying: 'The covenant of ADONAI is confirmed to men. BRAH dwells within them and they are the sanctuary of his temple. The Eternal is their only God. By the Divine Oneness which banishes forever all personal gods, all tears of sorrow cease, there shall be no more mourning, cries, and sorrow. for retrogressive transformation is no more.

In the time of activity OANNES spoke saying:

"Let this be known and remembered of our own forever: the Unthinkable, the Unpenetrable, the Indivisible, is One and eternal. By the manifestation of the Unthinkable in penetrable, divisible and eternal Substance are all states and degrees of being formed and classified. By the permeation of the less rarefied by the more subtle rarefaction with which it is in rapport of affinity, is all formed that is formed. To the originator the conception and its primary manifestation are concomitant. To those to whom the conception is manifested, the conception may precede the manifestation by aeons of time, because the conception is in the being of the conceiver; manifestation, realisation and materialisation of the conception depend on that with which it is clothed.

I will tell you a parable.

A master architect journeying through a foreign country conceived in his mentality the design of a wonderful palace. But the people did not speak his language so that he could not communicate his conception to them. After a considerable while of establishing trust, one amongst them was persuaded to enter into a state of rest and try to perceive the conception which the architect has manifested as well as he could by the concentration thereon of his desire and will.

After a long while of waiting, the one who rested communicated with him as mentality to mentality, saying: 'Now that I rest in your mental aura, I am in rapport with you and I perceive your conception in part, but very dimly. I am willing to do what I can to realize it, but first it is essential to know and fully understand it; give us therefore the design.'

'I have no means to draw this design save by your hand; rest and let your hand do this.'

After a time, the design of the master architect was traced, and that one who traced it and those in affinity with him saw that it was wonderful in beauty and utility. Then the master architect said: 'As a conception is not yet a design, so a design is not yet a building. It is my will to materialize this manifestation, but I do not have the proper material for the execution of my design. If you so will, rest that you may find it.'

He rested and said: 'In rest have I been clothed and have entered a region of materiality from which that which you desire may be evolved.'

The master architect said: 'By your sentientation do you know this; through you therefore will we evolve this materiality by the infusion of our forces therein, so it will receive that which it is capable of receiving, and according to its capabilities and its actual evolvement will be its fitness.'

And it was so, so that at length, from the foundation to the most lofty pinnacles, nothing was wanting.

So all conception descends and clothes itself in the degree of substance which is meet for its manifestation. Conceived by the originator, the conception impregnates substance in passivity; that is, substance whose inherent pathotism, spirituality, intellectuality and vitality have not yet been brought into activity by duality of being.

Thus, the rarefied and divine conceptions descended continually into density after density of substance, enduring and seemingly lost therein, but rested in the seeming burial place to rise, glorious and triumphant, first in Pathotism, then in the seven-fold Etherialism and lastly in the Materialism of which the material Spheric Dominions are formed.

Now the Unthinkable, Unclothed (and therefore not manifested), and the Unthinkable, clothed upon in the substance of the density of the material spheric dominions, is one and the same. In the oneness of the Unthinkable, universal being is one. By reason of this oneness, in order, all states and degrees of this universality of being are in rapport one with the other. Thus the last evolved density, symbolized as darkness because of the dimness of its intellectuality, will finally evolve to its full capacities of perfectionising and thus be in rapport with all more rarefied states and degrees, even to those which are now to man unthinkable.

*      *


I sleep but my intelligence wakens, wakens to rapport with the intelligence of the initiates of the past.

Throughout the cosmos mortality is not, in the cosmos inertia is not. Therefore we stand face to face with two manners of transformation: the transformation of progression and the transformation of retrogression. It was in face of these two, forever opposed transformation that a hierarchic chief of old proclaimed to his order: "I set before you decadence or perfectionising. Choose therefore which you will accept this day."

Aeons and aeons of time have passed since there words were spoken, and so vast is the majority who have practically chosen to accept retrogressive transformation, that - save for the few who have in themselves the witness that that which is received from the beginning is true - progressive transformation in integrity of being is as a vain dream, and those who proclaim the possibility, and the equilibrium of such transformation, are accounted by the others as those who have lost their intelligence or who seek to dupe their fellows.

Let no man deceive you: the restitution of formations (that is, the re-placement of progressive transformation for retrogressive transformation) will not come by a so-called supernatural (that is, by abnormal or phenomenal incident or series of incidents), but by the renovation of true science; not by a revelation from the heavens in the midst of earthquakes and thunderings, but first by the philosophical and theoretical knowledge of equilibrium and disequilibrium, and then by the steady and reasonable march of science which follows in the track of philosophy and tests the truth of ancient traditions, and while accepting only that which it is able actually to prove, it does not deny that which is not proven, but seeks ever to find and utilize conditions which may enable it to verify that which was hypothetical yesterday and which is today proven.

It remains for science, following on the steps of philosophy, or the eternal present, to find a light which shall lighten the dwelling of man from sunset to sunrise, that is a light which from on high is able to illumine the quaternary atmospheres of which the breathable air is the clothing, so that there shall be no darkness at all. This luminary should possess all the beneficent properties of the sun's rays in the spring time. He who shall find this light and the means of its utilisation, shall be remembered for all time. For it is the philosophers and scientists who, by re-opening to man the way to the knowledge of all that is knowable, are the pioneers of the Restitution. It is not from the clouds and in the sight of all men that the Restitutor rises, but rather, from the concretions beneath the earth, at the presence of whose knowledge and power, the concretions shall yield up to the soil, the water and the air, their primitive and normal constituents. It is not as a mighty victor accompanied by his victorious armies, but as the man of sorrows who is veiled by the Initiates, that the Restitutor will respond to collective humanity in its agony in the darkness: 'Be your light manifested.'

Because, only by the manifestation of the intelligence of collective humanity can the radiance of the divine indweller be manifested. Only by the united manifestation of divine and human intelligence can the long night (abnormal and timal) of retrogressive transformation be banished by the dawn of the day (normal and eternal) of universal progressive transformation.

- Max Théon, Visions of the Eternal Present

Thursday, July 20, 2017

amaranth [everlasting flower]

this time  is like noah's ark ,
forest rave:
arc of the covenant
a prince's voice, the deepest dream
dear god
im sorry i walked away from music

im sorry for when i slept when there's such amazing to do[ we
will live to 140 ]
and for when i closed myself to the glimmer in my friend's smile
ever growing beyond curtain s

together ina cedar canoe

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

the wrathful mother who slays fixation with identity

Tröma gÇod Gar’cham
'the wrathful mother who slays fixation with identity'

Khandro Déchen is performing the wrathful gar’cham of Tröma Nakmo. This is a dance which walks in the four directions, wielding the grigug (cleaver) which is Dorje Naljorma made manifest as the perfect vajra weapon for decapitating the dud-zhi, or four demon neuroses: territorialism, aggression, obsession and paranoia. For the purposes of this enactment, Tröma Nakmo manifests as trülku emanating from Dorje Naljorma which is her long-ku manifestation, spontaneously arising from Kuntuzangmo. As the long-ku manifestation of Tröma Nakmo, Dorje Naljorma is recognised as being the quality of all her activity, which is in part represented by the grigug.

Watching Khandro Déchen perform this dance one cannot help but notice the decisive and vigorous movements of the grigug. As the blade slashes through the air, the person dancing will see neurosis being eviscerated by the perfect feminine weapon. Just like Tröma Nakmo, the gar’cham is performed precisely, decisively and swiftly. Her movements are powerful and direct. She never hesitates but acts instinctively in the pure realm of non-dual awareness which is the foundation and display of the five elements.

Friday, July 14, 2017


[excerpt: linda tucker, the mystery of the white lions]

credo mutwa, zulu sanusi [medicine man]
: the river that never runs dry :

on one occasion, i raised this question with mutwa.

"you explained to me that the name timba-vaati has to do with the descent of this star thing to this precise spot on the globe," i began. "but in the mythology of timbavati, maria has explained to me that the name timbavati also has to do with a river that never runs dry - a starry river or an underground river..."

"this is also true. yes, yes," he said empathetically.

"do you know, credo, that the ancient egyptians believed that the river nile was an earthly copy of the milky way?"

"it does not surprise me, ma'am."

"but i need to understand this, credo: why should timbavati's knowledge be the same as that of the egyptians?"

"ma'am, all knowledge in the world is connected. it is all from one great source. there is nothing that the ancient egyptians knew that we do not know. we believe that the milky way is the spinal fluid of the universe. there is a lot of water carried between the stars, and it may be distributed across space in this way. amarava [credo's spirit guide] has told me water is not native to our planet, but came to us through the star which you call sirius."


"listen to me carefully," mutwa continued with the same gravity. "in our tradition we believe that in the center of the earth there is a very deep hole, and in that hole there is a sacred mountain made completely of gold or copper." he went on to explain how wisdom emanated from this golden mountain of hidden knowledge "like a great river, nourishing all places, all lands, and all beings."

he spoke prophetically about how it would be brought to the surface for all to see "at the end of this world and the beginning of the new world" and how "it will shine for all living beings." at this epiphanic moment in time, he told me, "all beings shall share in the great knowledge of the gods, and become as gods."


I Ching, Hexagram 15: Humility

There is a mountain inside earth; this is Humility. Thus the jun zi [superior man] takes excess from the more to enrich the less and measures goods to ensure fair distribution.

[To prepare oneself to accept what is fair among all his fellow men is the essence of humility.]


the spherical bodies [sun, planets and others] may actually be hollow inside. because they behave very much like a resonating bell, which is hollow inside. of course if the bell was full inside it would not ring very well at all [...] 

if you actually shrink the earth, some 60%, the plates come together very nicely, it is a much better fit than the continental drift theory. it is remarkable that it is not being considered more seriously by modern scientists, because it is such a perfect fit.

the expanding earth theorists at the university in australia, came and asked me if i had a mechanism to describe why the earth is expanding. 

it is a deeper question than that, it is a question of why the universe is expanding. it has to do with matter production.

there may be, in the center of the earth, a structure in which a small singularity is present.

yep, that's right, i just said a small singularity. a small black hole.

[and the same for the sun.]

- nasseim haramein, unified field physicist


Painting of Mount Meru found in Buddhist cave sanctuary in Chinese Turkestan.
This image is a very good representation of the hour-glass shape of the mountain with the gateway or "golden city" on top.
Shumisen-gizu (A Representation of Mount Sumeru), detail,
first half of the 19th century.


The perfect square has no corners.
The perfect vessel is not yet finished.
The perfect music is without sound.
The perfect form is without shape.

Tao is hidden, unnamed – yet always brings fulfillment.

- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


The hourglass (or wormhole-shaped) World Mountain, Meru,
rises from the great ocean of space, (Japan, 1678).
The wormhole shape suggests Meru was a gateway to another dimension.

Pendant worn by Sumerian King representing the Dark Star. Legends tell of a Dark Star with destructive energies, and involvement with the cataclysmic war of the ancient Gods.



Robert Temple’s theory about extra-terrestrial visitors, who gave civilisation to the ancients, proposes that Sirius has a second companion. The Dogon tribe have described this 3rd Siriun ‘star’ as the ‘Sun of Women’, and they represent it as a cross (1). In turn, it has a companion known as the ‘Star of Women’. Temple has outlined the attempts to verify that a second dwarf star belongs to the Sirius system:

“But evidence has now been found of the kind of Sirius C suggested by the Dogon. And such a discovery having been made, it conclusively establishes the validity of the Dogon claims. The Dogon information about the actual orbit of Sirius C is very confused and incoherent, apparently contradictory.” (1)

[personal note: i do not agree that 'nibiru' is anything beyond fiction. however evidence suggests the existence of sirius c.]
good overview of the function of the stargates:


excerpt from Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati, by Robert Anton Wilson

"Recently, English playwright Heathcote Williams sent me a Xerox of There Is No More Firmament, a one-act play written by the pioneer surrealist, Antonin Artaud, back in the early 1920’s. This strange, weirdly suggestive drama certainly deserves to be mentioned as part of the Sirius Mystery.

"There Is No More Firmament begins with discordant music indicating ’a far-off cataclysm.’ The curtain rises on an ordinary street scene, with actors coming and going rapidly. There are bits of ordinary conversation (’Wines ... windowglass ... gold’s going down’), suggestions of violence and insanity (’He’s undressing me.

Help, he’s ripping my dress off...’ ’I’m on fire, I’m burning, I’m going to jump’) and, finally, the word ’Sirius’ repeated in every tone of voice and every pitch of the scale: SIRIUS ... SIRIUS ... SIRIUS ... SIRIUS ... Then a loudspeaker thunders, ’THE GOVERNMENT URGES YOU TO REMAIN CALM.’

"Actors rush about claiming that the sun is getting bigger, the plague has broken out, there is thunder without lightning, etc. A reasonable voice tries to explain, ’It was a magnetic phenomenon...’ Then the loudspeaker tells us:


"One actor claims it is the end of the world. Another says it is two worlds ramming each other.



"Jeff said for this track it is about the risks you have to take in your life if you want to make it a better place." 
- Youtube Commenter: verapamil07 
"It's like this music rose out of the earth as a gateway to the stars. Absolutely sublime - I never tire of it."
- Youtube Commenter: Andrew Turner

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