an open call across space

we are currently seeking DJ's or promoters involved in the techno rave scene, who want to strengthen their collaboration with the light forces ~ those working towards the common goal of the final liberation of planet earth.

we recognize that there is some untold higher purpose to the rave.

festivals and rave events are taking place at unprecedented rate across the planet.

where could this all be heading? what are we really here to do?

to assist in these realizations, we wish to make available the Cintamani stone to key DJs and event organizers.

The Cintamani Stone is a piece of a planet which once orbited the star Sirius.

Sirius is the "Blue Star" referred to in The Final Prophecy and Ninth Sign of the Hopi:

Members of the Brotherhood of the Star are like antennae on the dance floor, streaming the superconsciousness which, when cognized by the group during the night dance, will form the Blue Star Kachina.

In this way, the Blue Star Kachina will "make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance."

[this is a creative interpretation of the Hopi prophecy based on my own understanding, and direct experience. it is wise to remember that, like any poetic quantum wave phenomenon, prophecy can never be grasped by a singular interpretation.]

Ethereal group-mind contact is a key part in the process of planetary awakening.

Many are becoming more and more conscious of contact by the light forces in dance spaces. Please continue to strengthen faith in this communion. ask, and open to receive.

Now there is also an effort being launched to bring cintamani energy to the dancefloors - planting them in underground spaces, clubs, as well festival grounds on the planet;

berghain, organik, labyrinth, stereo, fusion, freerotation.

of course this includes more 'mainstream' spaces such as tomorrowland, space ibiza, and burning man.

we could say that, of the general surface population, the rave warriors form an important percentage of those on the planet, whose spirits are genuinely prepared for contact.

if you are reading these words, this could very well be you.

are you a rave warrior? a sound visionary?

please email, and briefly relate your involvement in the rave world.

together, we can actualize the plans put forth in this message.

strength and clarity in all your endeavors


update -

we have a batch of cintamani stones tachyonized by cobra's company available for sale :

3 grams for burying : 30 euro
4-6 grams : 50 euro

about the stone:

about tachyons:

in cases of planting stones in clubs or festivals, we can provide the stones free of charge

to order, please email the quantity of stones and weight to: