organik festival: mission report

organik festival is an annual rave festival on a beach in east taiwan, which took place april 28-may 30.

it is organized by the smoke machine crew from taipei.

i had the opportunity to participate at this festival, and test out a few ideas for connecting the dancefloor to higher mind.

i will share the procedures followed, and results. if you have questions about any of the information here, you can contact me at .

first, the CE-5 meditation was practiced whenever the opportunity presented. if you aren't aware, CE5 was developed by Dr. Stephen Greer with the intention of making contact with motherships.

as you can see in the following video, this method can be very effective.

instructions for CE-5 can be found here:

in the rave situation the CE-5 gatherings were quite flowing and spontaneous.

we did not sit around for hours waiting for a response like dr stephen greer and his team do. it was asked for contact to happen during the rave itself.

ce-5 is important because with this we can establish what stephen greer terms bi-lateral communication, or what i will call the evocation of the future presence.

when we understand the nature of quarantine earth, it becomes clear why bi-lateral communication/evocation/prayer is important.

our own initiative and choice for contact empowers the higher forces to stream through:

second, a grid of cintamani stones was established in the four directions, around the danceflooor.

i will explain the procedure followed below.

this is borrowed from the instructions on entering the ceremonial arbor at the sunray peace village in lincoln, vermont.
smudge : purifying thoughts and emotions, releasing ordinary 'small' view to 'large' view 
eastern gate : guardians, thank you for your support!
~ the energy of the rising sun, renewal, inspiration, ancestral wisdom 
southern gate: guardians, thank you for your support!
~ planting the seeds of good cause, tending and cultivating the fruits of liberation 
western gate: guardians, thank you for your support!
~ fires of transformation, of death and rebirth, dissolution of fear and ignorance 
northern gate: guardians, thank you for your support!
~ quiet and stillness, introspection of winter. a placid, frozen lake reflecting a clear, open sky.
as each stone was planted in its direction, i immersed myself in the corresponding space, and reflected on its meaning.

for instance, in the south i reflected on the good fortune, and hard work all organizers have done to realize organik festival . how people from such diverse places in the world are coming together for the rave. it is a really special opportunity to connect in new ways, and feel the growth together. and the efforts we all have put in to experiencing music in the greatest possible way. so just recognizing that, and toning what it feels like.

each guardian was honored in improvisational dance [the guardians appear to me as giants standing beyond the horizon. that's not necessarily how it is for all, though. some cultures view elemental dragons as the pillars of four directions. in ancient egypt, they are the four sons of horus.]

when we are talking about higher mind, or, connecting with something greater than oneself, well it's important to realize that these are timeless methodologies, of ceremony, prayer and evocation. these actually act to transform our mind in a certain way, to heighten our connection with All That Is. we recognize all the earth's ancient cultures who have maintained the purity of these practices through the ages, for the benefit of the mother earth and its awakening children.

the four giants, from legend of zelda: majora's mask

invocations for sekhmet, sirrush and menla [blue medicine buddha] were made. i decided to invoke these deities simply because i feel connected to them. and they are of the blue ray. i thought that would be appropriate because there was a "blue star" stage at organik festival, and for other related reasons.

then a temple dome was imagined above from the dancefloor. a pillar of light was lifted through this space. the guardians were asked to hold it during the festival.

i reminded myself of the goal to stream realizations of higher mind into the dancefloor and earth. that all the dancers would receive the best medicine for them.

and then i reflected on how, if a mothership were to uncloak during our dance, how that would be so special, it could change everyone's mind about the future just like that.

by the way, when you hear me speak about motherships, im just trying to express something about the higher mind. i agree with mckenna's view that genuine motherships are external apparitions of humanity's oversoul .

there is a lot of emphasis placed on physical landings and meetings occurring in the future and so forth. that's good. the dancefloor can play a here, when our group mind coherence reaches this level.

but what if this is but one aspect of another realization, that of meeting our own soul essence again?

we can't ignore this possibility. it is putting a complex topic very "3D" terms. same applies for "ancient alien" themes and so forth. we should release all concepts of linear time and investigate the past/future from an empathetic point of view if we are to understand what's really going on here. as the mayan tradition states; we must know where we are coming from, in order to know where we are going.

this also ties into the nature of [end] time, the gravity well and so forth. i won't get into all that right now. simply, it's about cultivating wisdom and knowing of what is, and what is not.

[if you have witnessed a ufo and are in doubt as to whether it was a genuine apparition, ask yourself: was this a positive experience? expand from there.]

so throughout the festival, when i was mindful enough to do so, i would connect with these energies in stillness and dance.

of course there was the challenge of communicating all this information to others, so that they could connect with it as well. the reality of motherships and nonphysical deities flying about, dispensing blessings to the dancefloors is not common .

so i thought it would be better to make mention of certain elements here and there, when it felt appropriate, and trust that the energy would be felt by all, in their own way.

when i did share the information, the overall response was positive and welcoming.

and, i learned much from others during such exchanges. it's amazing how much we can really bring to the dancefloor when we remember to. as a vibrant, open and powerful microcosm, raves are wonderful places for breaking through entrenched belief systems, and reorienting our whole attitude towards life.

on sunday afternoon, i became distinctly aware of three cloaked motherships answering the call.

[the ships did not uncloak as far as i am aware.]

let me explain something here: because the galactics were aware of the intentions for the festival, i had earlier received a dreamtime training on 'guiding' the ships with mind. it simply consisted of resting my mind in the dimension of mothership, and coupling this awareness with my body's location on earth. that's the only way i can describe this.

i know that the galactics were with us, because they were sending specific messages into my mind for delivery to certain people throughout the festival. i consider myself quite a novice at this type of thing, still. it was a great learning lesson to engage these subtle impulses, to just go for it and witness the love and magic flowering by such novel interactions .

so i saw the cloaked motherships hover in from the east and rest somewhere above the dancefloor.

the level of group mind coherence expanded remarkably in this moment. the vibes were quite high. everyone seemed to be in sync and feeling this special thing that was occurring. the opening. the inner light of all present became very clear.

holding the vision of the inner lights, i shifted my attention to the beam of light streaming down from the ships overhead, and i drifted into some stillness.

and in a peak moment, a powerful flash of light came through.

my eyes closed. everything dissolved into white.

this moment is what raving is all about.

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